Building on our year-long, systematic effort and care to revive the abandoned olive trees, Ktimata Plomariou patiently and diligently set the framework of sustainable olive farming in the naturally endowed mountainous zones, combining traditional experience, modern technological methods and best farming practices as well as with care for the natural environment.

The old and the new coexist in harmony and complement each other, thus helping us to implement our plan for the restoration of the traditional mountain olive groves, the Kolovi olive variety (or Valanolia or Mytilinia), indigenous to Plomari, and the production of the traditional, monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, naturally endowed from the land of Lesvos (Donum Terram).

Constant and meticulous care of the land and the trees all year round ensure that important soil nutrients are developed and transferred to the olive fruit. Traditional tools are used for pruning, harvesting is done exclusively by hand and olives are immediately transported to the modern, certified, two-phase mill for cold pressing. All the above ensure that olives preserve all the unique and exceptional characteristics of the mountains of Plomari.


Our olive oil is produced in a modern, two-phase centrifugal oil mill, through simple pressing of the fruit, without using chemicals or solvents and without heating the olives. This process ensures that all the valuable nutrients, the smell and taste are preserved, giving us the end product: an extra virgin olive oil of high quality and high nutritional value. Its fine taste and fruity smell exist in perfect harmony with a peppery taste, while its high content in antioxidants is key for our wellbeing and adds the characteristic bitterness.

Standardization in our certified bottling facility is done based on the standards set forth in the European Regulation, always respecting the high standards set for all the stages of standardization and certification.

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